German radio-controlled glide bombs and the 11 May 1944 attack on UGS-40

January 22, 2009

UGS-40 Account

Dear Mr. Gregory,

I'm in the process of writing a book on the WWII history of German radio-controlled glide bombs and the efforts of the Allies to defeat them with electronic countermeasures. My objective is to provide a detailed analysis of each mission in which glide bombers were employed, contrasting Luftwaffe accounts with first-hand data from seamen involved in the attacks.

The 11 May 1944 attack on UGS-40 is one such case.

Your excellent web site contains an account from Roy W. Brown, a Signalman in the US Armed Guard aboard the SS John Dickinson.

I'd like to explore that account further and would like to ask your help in this regard. Did Mr. Brown publish his account? Is it an unpublished account in written form? If so, can it be obtained? Is Mr. Brown available to discuss it?  Would you or Mr. Brown have an issue if I referenced that account in my book? 

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for the excellent work in preserving naval and maritime history.

Marty Bollinger
Great Falls, Virginia, USA
(Sydney, Australia from 1996 to 2002)


I have no problem with you referencing the account of the attack on Convoy UG-40 by Roy W. Brown, but I cannot answer for Roy.

Here are the details of a book written by Roy:

Jig How by Roy W. Brown. Available through Publish America, PO Box 151, Frederick. MD. 21705.

It may answer some of your questions.

I am sorry, but I do not still have Roy Brown's email details, there are over 800 names in my address book, and now and then this list is subject to a cull.


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