German Flag from Rabaul

February 21, 2013 9:24 pm

Mac - this is the pic from the book written by the Sydney Morning Herald war correspondent published 1915 - by John Fairfax - the book was made up from the article written in the paper and republished.

Now that it is behind glass the pic doesn't come up well - too many reflections but \i think this is a good pic - to tell the story/

Cheers Toni


Thank you.

This is a picture of the German Flag which was captured at Rabaul by Australian troops In the first action undertaken in WW1.

It was also the first action against any German held territory.

This flag came to New South Wales, had a spell in South Australia, and was then donated to the Naval Museum at HMAS Cerberus, 

It is a unique piece of WW1 history.

Best wishes,


Hello Toni,
Can you please send me a photo of the German Flag captured at Rabaul in September of 1914?

I would like to feature it on my AHOY website. 

Any detail of its many and varied routes prior to it coming into your Museum s possession would indeed be welcomed please.

It is a unique and valuable asset of our Naval History.

Best regards, 


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