George Hope and HMAS Shropshire's Pom Pom crew

June 13, 2009

Subject: HMAS Shropshire

G'day Mac,

Enjoy the log!  I was wondering if you knew a great friend of mine aboard HMAS Shropshire. His name was George Hope and he reached the dizzy heights of AB. I believe he was a part of the Pom Pom crew.

He enthralled me with tales of the sea from an early age and was responsible for me joining the RAN in 1966 as a recruit. (Paid off mid in reserve in mid 90's as a two ringer)

George became a Fisheries and Wildlife Officer after leaving the navy and worked in the Wimmera. He had two daughters so I became the 'defacto' son for his skills and stories to be passed on to. He always spoke well of the 'Shroppy' and it's entire crew. He, of course, has passed on long ago.

John Francis  OAM


I certainly recall George, the two 8 barrell Pom Poms were vital for the ship's preservation,and anyone who served as a crew member of either mounting was a hero.

Here is a photo of the Port Pom Pom:

Best wishes,

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