George FS Herrick able seaman, HMS Glendowerand war graves at St Cawrdaf

February 03, 2010 


I am currently carrying out research into my family tree and have come across a curious matter concerning my step father's death. He was George FS Herrick able seaman JX 39515. My Mother always steadfastly refused to
discuss his death, but made me take her to St Cawrdaf in the early 1970's, refusing to allow me to go near the
churchyard. The mystery now seems to be just as deep with comments made by you around one year ago, but maybe you have further information? If you have not could you direct me to other avenues of investigation? 

Thank you for the information on the graves which is very useful in at least providing a photo of Georges headstone.

John Herrick


Some details for you.

HMS  GLENDOWER  was not a ship, but a shore training base at Pwllheli in Wales between October 1940 and July 1946.

As he is listed as an Ordinary Seaman his age is at least 18, but i note he was married, Able Seaman is the next rung up the Seaman's ladder.

It is possible  that George was doing his initial Naval Training and may not actually have been to sea in a naval ship.

I note his official No is listed as JX395151, the prefix JX was used to denote a seaman.



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