George Ewart Williams: attempting to trace his movements during WW2

March 17, 2010
  Subject: HMAS Canberra


My mother is currently attempting to trace the movements of George Ewart Williams who we believe was returned to Australia with the survivors of HMAS Canberra.

He was not from this vessel however is believed to have been rescued along with a small number of his crew mates off a coral atoll in the Pacific after the sinking of their vessel.

My problem is that I do not know the name of the vessel he served on so am finding it very difficult to trace him. 

I do recall seeing a Newspaper article about their rescue but unfortunately this document appears to have been lost.

Hope you can help.

Helen Foote


I cannot find any reference to George being rescued from a coral atoll.

Here is his RAN Certificate of Service.
                  Service Royal Australian Navy
                  Date of Birth 29 February 1884
                  Place of Birth WALSAL, ENGLAND
                  Date of Enlistment 2 September 1941
                  Home Port/Port Division SYDNEY, NSW
                  Next of Kin WILLIAMS, NELLY
                  Date of Discharge 16 November 1945
                  Posting at Discharge MAITLAND



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