Gallipoli Oaks Project Committee

March 6, 2013

Hi Marcus,

The project seems to be gaining some momentum now and we hope to have our inaugural Advisory Committee  meeting in the next few weeks.

We wondered of MHHV would be interested in nominating a person to be a member of this committee.

I enclose a recent draft of our brochure.

Best regards
Peter Whitelaw
Chairman – Gallipoli Oaks Project Committee

Hello Peter,

I briefed our committee on your project and offer last night.

I am pleased to advise that our Vice-President – Mackenzie Gregory – would be pleased to accept the invitation to join your Advisory Committee.

‘Mac’ is a remarkable person. World War II veteran, active advocate, global traveller, fascinating speaker and prolific web blogger (see http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/index.html). I think he will be able to contribute well-considered advice to your committee.

Could I invite you to please call him and discuss the way ahead?

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved. I look forward to Mac’s updates on your project in the months ahead.

Marcus Fielding

Hello Jayne,

The  Military History Heritage Victoria site of which I am Vice President has been asked by the Gallipoli Oaks Committee to nominate a member to join their Committee.

I am being nominated to join the Gallipoli Oaks Committee.

They are charged with growing 2,000 seedlings from acorns obtained from Gallipoli and distributing them to schools to commemorate the 100th. Anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli over 2015/2018.

Marcus Fielding has been very generous in his description of me to the Chair Peter Whitelaw.


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