Fully restored Fairey Firefly

August 10, 2010
  Subject: Fairey Firefly

Dear Mr. Gregory,

We are fortunate enough to have a fully restored Fairey Firefly  flying in our air show this year. We would like
to put the picture of the one you have on your web page at Wrecks of two Royal Navy Firefly Aircraft found in Port Phillip Bay, missing for 60 years on our web site so people can get a preview of this famous aircraft.

You can see some of the other aircraft we have flying in our show by viewing www.WingsOverCamarillo.com .  We are a 501C3 non-profit corporation charged with producing the air show at Camarillo, CA this coming August 21 and 22.

We will provide a credit line for the photograph if you will advise us of whom the photographer is or whomever you wish to show as owner of the photograph.

I have taken the liberty to cc the webmaster so she is aware of this communication.

Thanks for your consideration of our request. I am hopeful that you will permit us to use your photograph.

Best Regards

Larry David
Member of web staff

Camarillo Wings Association, producer of the 2010
Camarillo Air Show "Wings Over Camarillo"


The Firefly picture on my AHOY web site came from Wikipedia so is in the public domain, and the photographer
is not mentioned.

You can certainly use the one from AHOY and a credit to my site would be nice thank you.

Good luck with your ait show.


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