French pilot Marie Marvingt

November 06, 2009


Was reading your article "Women Pioneers of Australian Aviation" while doing some historical searching on the web. I was surprised you hadn't mentioned Marie Marvingt though.

Have you read much about her? She was a remarkable woman with a very intrepid spirit.

Your articles are very well written as well!

Patrick Knauer

Air Ambulance Service LLC


Thank you for your comments.

I was aware of the French woman Marie Marvingt, but my subject was in the main on women fliers and Australia.


November 07, 2009

 I see that now .. I've been looking for pioneers of the air ambulance and it's early uses - which is how I found
Marie Marvingt and eventually your site.

Are there any Australian air ambulance persons of note I should know about? I have really been enjoying learning
as much as I can about the history of our industry.

Patrick Knauer


See this URL:

for a time line about the Royal Doctor Flying Service and Dr Flynn who established it.

Best wishes,

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