Frank Webb, served as torpedo instructor on the Repulse when she was sunk and survived

March 10, 2009

Dear Sir

My uncle, Frank Webb, served as torpedo instructor on the Repulse when she was sunk. Fortunately, he both survived and was able to get back to Colombo. After the War, he emigrated to Australia and enrolled at their naval base at Fremantle until retirement.

For the purpose of completing a family tree, I need to know his dates and hope you can point me in the right direction, Would the Survivors' Association retain such personal data?  If not, can you give contact details at Fremantle?

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

Best wishes 
Russell Webb


See details below for Naval personnel records in Australia:

 Fact sheet 30 – Navy service records

* Records held by the Archives in Canberra

* Merchant Navy service

* Navy service records held in Canberra

For more information

The Commonwealth Department of Defence assumed control of Naval defence on Federation in 1901 and maintained Navy personnel records until the Navy Office was established in 1911. Most records of Navy service held by the National Archives in Canberra date from 1911.

Records held by the Archives in Canberra
Record of Service cards

The Record of Service card was the main record maintained by the Navy about serving members from 1911 until 1970. Cards provided a summary of service including postings, promotions, awards and personal details (including next of kin), and were added to over the member's entire period in the Navy. Cards were maintained for service in the Royal Australian Navy, the Women's Royal Australian Navy Service, the Naval Reserve, the Naval Volunteer Reserve, the Naval Nursing Services, Naval Dockyard Police, members enlisted or on loan, duty or exchange from the Royal Navy, and reservists voluntarily serving for a continuous period in excess of 28 days.

Digital copies of most Navy service cards for the period may be viewed on the Archives RecordSearch database. Photocopies of cards can be ordered by contacting the National Archives as follows:

    National Archives of Australia
    PO Box 7425
    Canberra BC ACT 2610

    Tel: 1300 886 881
    Fax: 1300 886 882
    Email: ref@naa.gov.au


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