Frank Armstrong HARGREAVES came to Qld (from UK) in 1892 on board the Jelunga

February 14, 2012

Good morning Mac,

Frank Armstrong HARGREAVES came to Qld (from UK) in 1892 on board the Jelunga. Found a photo of the Jelunga but it looks too modern for that time.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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No that is not the right Jelunga.

This is it: JELUNGA
Arrived Maryborough 23 May 1892, from London with 34 passengers.  

Was a 5,191 gross ton ship, length length 410.5ft x beam 48.2ft (125,12m x 14,69m), one funnel, three masts (rigged for sail), steel construction, single screw and a designed speed of 12 knots.

There was accommodation for 80-1st and 42-2nd class passengers. Built by Wm Denny & Bros, Dumbarton for
the British India Associated Steamers, she was launched as the JELUNGA on 30th Oct.1890. Her maiden voyage started on 2nd Feb.1891 when she sailed from London for Suez, Batavia and Brisbane.

In 1893 she was chartered to Cia Trasatlantica, Spain who renamed her LEON XIII and used her as a troop
transport for the Cuban rebellion.

Reverted to B.I.A.S in 1894 and the Queensland service, she was again chartered to Cia Trasatlantica in 1896 and renamed SANTIAGO.

Returned to B.I.A.S in Dec.1896 and reverted to her original name and to the London - Australia service, she made two Boer War trooping voyages in 1900.

In 1902 she made trooping voyages between Madras and Hong Kong and on 27th July while on passage from
Shan-hai-Kwan to Calcutta with troops, her propeller shaft snapped and she was towed to Singapore where the troops transferred to another ship.

In 1903 she transferred to the ownership of British India Steam Navigation Co and on 21st Mar.1908 was sold to Robert, Shankland & Co who used her on the London - Hamburg - Rotterdam - Halifax - New York route for three round voyages under the name of New York & Continental Line. With the liquidation of this company, she reverted to B.I.S.N.Co in settlement of her mortgage.

Sold to Bombay & Persia Steam Nav. Co. In July 1914, renamed JEHANGIR and used on the Bombay - Persian Gulf route. In 1921 she came under the ownership of Lau Wei Chun, Hong Kong and was renamed WING  SHING. She went aground at Hong Kong on 18th Aug.1923, was salved and broken up. [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.11, British India S.N.Co.]

I could not find a photograph.


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