Former enemies strike up a friendship 67 years after fateful battle

October 20, 2010

Don Hall wrote:

Interesting story: http://www.ubootwaffe.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4847#4847 

don hall
santa cruz, ca-us


Thank you for sharing that story, Canada and its Royal Canadian Navy played a vital role in the Allied defeat of the U-Boat menace, finally in May of 1943. I realise this action took place in the Mediterranean, but every U-Boat sunk, no matter where, became part of our final victory over Admiral Donitz and his U-Boat arm.

As a young midshipman of 18 in the RAN, I served in our 8 inch gunned cruiser HMAS /Australia/ in the North Atlantic in 1940-1941.

Without winning the Battle of the Atlantic in particular, there could not have been any D day landings in Europe, and of course without the initial help of your country prior to Pearl Harbor, and then her magnificent contribution after entering WW2, the Allies could not have won WW2.

I am grateful to you for sending me this story.

Best regards from Australia.

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