For King and Empire certificate 1946

January 23, 2010

Hello Mac, I have just sent the following letter to the AWM in case they are interested in adding it to their
collection. I wonder if perhaps you have any idea about these certificates of thanks?

  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
  From: Ian <iloxton@gmail.com>
  Date: 2010/1/23
  Subject: For King and Empire certificate 1946
  To: donateitems@awm.gov.au

  Hello, I have just been handed a certificate which had
been given to my father by the town of Moorook, South
Australia, in 1946 to record their thanks for his
service to the country.

  I had never seen this certificate, nor any other before
today so it was a complete surprise to me.

  As you already have my father's violin - owned by Mervyn
Edwin Loxton in the HMAS Australia II collection  - I
wonder if this certificate might be of interest to your

  It reads;
  "For King and Empire.
  To Std (Steward) M.E.Loxton
  The Committee of The Moorook Win-the-war Fund, on behalf
of the citizens of the district, congratulate you on
your return to the comfort of your home. We wish you all
the happiness brought by the realisation of a job well
done. Whilst we realise that all we offer is inadequate,
we ask you to accept our gratitude for your part in the
mighty task of keeping our country free.
  May you and yours be long spared to enjoy the honour you

  G.Story Chairman
  F.E.Gibson Hon. Secretary
  4th April 1946"

Cheers, Ian Loxton

Hello Ian.

I believe at the end of WW2 and in some cases during it, many local Councils produced illuminated Certificates for their residents who had gone off to serve in the forces in WW2. In my own case The City Of Coburg in Victoria did just that, and I was the recipient of a very handsome Certificate for my service in WW2 in the RAN.

With the passage of time and house movements it has fallen by the wayside, but I well recall getting it.

King, Country and Empire were all a big deal back then, even to the extent of jingoism.

Hope this helps a little.

Best wishes,

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