October 31, 2012

Mac hello

I manager the website www.aanimeri.fi - Finnish cross trade site. We have just collected the history of the Finnish TORNATOR and found your web site story

The story of Valter Nylander, a Finnish sailor who served in Ramses, a POW in Australia during the WW II 

TORNATOR was the wrecked steamship where Valter Nylander was working on. 


I added the story from your site as a comment with the text of a book telling about the TORNATOR crew trying to get back home. In the same comment there's also a link to a German submarine U-264 that was involved with some other
TORNATOR crew trying to get home in a German tanker that was earlier captured from Norwegians.

With best regards, Ystävällisin terveisin

Timo Sylvänne


Thank you for your E-Mail.

How amazing, 70 years ago I was serving in HMAS Adelaide when We came across the German Blockade runner Ramses in the Indian Ocean.

Ramses was eventually sunk. And we rescued her crew amongst them a Finnish sailor Valter Nylander, who had served in the Finnish ship Tornator that had foundered on rocks near Japan.

His son later contacted me to give me his dad's story which was added to my website AHOY.

Valter and I were thus in the same ship ( Adelaide ) 70 years ago back in November of 1942.

Now your Finnish site in 2012 has added the history of Tornator and my story to your site to give the story new life so long after its inception.

With kindest regards,

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