Figureheads for IPFW Rhinehart Music Center's Fabulous FAME Flyer

October 20, 2011

Hello Mac, 

I am the executive director for FAME the Foundation for Art and Music in Education in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Every year we put together a cultural tab with Newspapers In Education to hand out to the elementary and middle schools. Each year FAME has a different cultural focus and this year because it’s our 25th Anniversary we are celebrating all cultures. To narrow things down a bit we decided to focus on our oceans.

I came across your website for Figureheads and found it quite fascinating and would love to include the story and a few pictures in our tab. We of course would reference you and your website! 

If you would like to see our tab from previous years please go to www.famearts.org under programs then to Fabulous Flyer. We will be printing 5000 and will go strictly to the schools free of charge.

Thank you for your consideration, I really hope we will be able to include it in our paper for the kids.

Sincerely, “T”

"T" Irmscher
Executive Director
IPFW Rhinehart Music Center
Community Arts Office 230A
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN  46805-1499

Hello T,

I am delighted that you found something fascinating on AHOY.

It seems to me very appropriate  that you have chosen Oceans as your theme in your 25th. Year.

Water of course covers seven tenths of the world's surface.

Please just use whatever you need about Figureheads from my site, and I wish you success with this year's cultural tab.

Best regards from Downunder

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