Father served on the Philante

September 9, 2011

I am not sure if am through to the right e-mail as I am not too conversant with the Internet. I attach a note addressed to  Mackenzie J. Gregory from a lady whose father served on the Philante. (see Researching my late father's history. He served on the Philante in 1940)  My late father was also on the Philante for a while so it would be nice to be in touch. Can you help please and advise me how I  can be in contact with this lady through your web page. I live in the UK.

Thank you so much.

Hello Anne,

I regret I do not have an E-Mail address for Joan. Perhaps if you go to the Forum at the top of Ahoy's Home
and post a message to Joan about your Father and the Philantes, she may see it and respond to you.

Sorry I am unable to help.


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