Father served on Royal Navy Steamer Ramsey

Dear Mr Gregory,

I thought you would like to receive some news regarding the Royal Navy Steamer Ramsey.

My Late Father Jonas Elias Cohen served with the RN as an Electrician on this ship and I would be pleased to share information concerning his activities. I have recently decided to try to find more information about my Father who survived this sinking and was plucked out of the sea by the German vessel and was brought up the side with a revolver to his head. Subsequently The Germans scutlled their ship and the germans separated the RN crew and put them into a separate small boat ? Life boat.

I look forward to talking to you more.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
Leo Jackson.


Thank you for your E-Mail.

I would be pleased to learn about your Father and the Ramsey, I have attached a page about the ship and her capture, but you may already have that information.

After our further interchange of material, I would like to write about your Father and his exploits in Ramsey, and add it to our web site.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Mac,

I was delighted to receive your mail and thank you for the material you have attached relating to the Ramsey. I must say I shed a tear when I read your description of this ships last voyage. It was so similar to the words my late Father and Mother's description to me about my father's experiences. I will certainly try hard to send you as much information that I can. First of all I think I should give you some reasons for undertaking this research of events which happened so long ago.

 They are:

         (A) To provide an ongoing history of the events which happened long ago showing the valour of the gallant men who gave so much to ensure our future and freedom.
         (B) To document such events and educate those who remain.
         (C) Practically check as far as possible the events.
         (D) Ensure in this case receipt of medals.
         (F) Attach Photo's and documents.

I propose to send you information as follows:-

1.Pre WW1. My Fathers youth and upbringing.
2.The WW1 period.
4.The WW2 period.
6.Attach Photo's and documents available.

Mac, please comment as you will.

Hope you are well?

With all best wishes.


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