Father, Armon Durnford Dart, served in HMAS Platypus

Hullo Mac,

By some co-incidence I typed HMAS Platypus onto the google search engine and came up with a better picture than the AWM can supply. My interest lies in the fact that my late Dad, Armon Durnford Dart served as the SBPO on the Plats from May 42 to Jan 46. He told me that he joined the ship shortly after the Darwin raids where a bomb had gone under the stern and failed to explode. His fellow Sick bay offsider was Sidney Dale from Chester Hill in NSW who I used to visit during the 60's. Dad used to tell some wonderful stories about his experiences and should any historian like to correspond, I will do my best to relay the ones I remember.

Best regards,

Hello Durn,

Nice to hear from you, no doubt in looking at Ahoy and Plats you learned that my Dad came out to Australia in J2, and that is how he was associated with HMAS Platypus, and was my reason for writing about the J Class subs, and their mother/depot ship.

Any of your Dad's stories you may care to share with me, would, with your approval be put up on our site, and hopefully not be lost, and may find a wider and interested audience. I am continually suprised with the number of messages I get from around the world with a comment on some aspect of  what I have written about.

Ahoy Mac's Web Log is an amalgam of my writing and research, and my Web Master, Terry Kearns who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, he tranlates it all into the site that is seen on the net, without his expertise, dedication etc, none of it would exist. I owe him a great debt.

We are both delighted when anyone such as yourself takes the time and effort to mail us with a comment, so thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future, with some of your Father's stories of his time in the Navy and in Platypus, particularly in Darwin, when for the first time, the Australian main land was bombed by the Japanese in 1942. History in the making indeed!!

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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