FESR Navy Association Battle Honours Friday 1 March the Chief of Navy rededicated the Naval Memorial in Canberra

FESR Navy Association Battle Honours

March 14, 2013


How are you my friend, well I trust.

I understand that you are to be the voice of Navy at next Anzac Days march compliments of the ABC, there could not have been a better nor more worthy nomination.

I extend my most sincere congratulations.

I have already sent my submission re the comments regarding our Association during the march but I now find I have something most important to add.

Friday 1 March the Chief of Navy rededicated the Naval Memorial in Canberra to which I was invited.

The reason for the rededication was because all of the RAN battle honours that had not been awarded over the years were at last being installed on the panels on each side on the memorial.

This was a momentous occasion for me and my association the FESR Navy Association. We now can proudly parade the honours "Malaya 1955 - 1960" and  Malaysia 1964 - 1966".

I am sure you will appreciate my request that you publicise this to the general public.

In CN's speech he " honoured the Far East Strategic Reserve" a copy of his speech is on the Navy website under Chief of Navy speeches 1 March 2013

Chief of Navy speech at the Rededication of the Navy Memorial Anzac  Parade Navy Birthday 1 March 2013

Sincere regards
Les Bailey
FESR Navy Association


Nice to hear from you.

I am fine, and thanks for your comments on the proposed Anzac Day telecast

We will add this mail to AHOY.


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