F. Kendall,  J. Haining and T.Phillipson in HMAS Caberra at Battle of Savo Island

March 05, 2009
Subject: HMAS Canberra

Hello and greetings

Just a very quick note as I came across  your website................

I had two uncles and one (platonic) uncle on HMAS Canberra at the time of Savo Island, F. Kendall, J. Haining and T.Phillipson.........My mother who lives next door to me (and my wife) is Fred Kendalls sister and has alot of information about him. Jimmy Haining was married to my fathers (dec) sister Freda, and as you would know Jimmy never got off the ship. If you want to contact me at any time please feel free.

Sorry for being so brief at this time...........ps Fred left a diary

Sincerely Steven Vockensohn 

Ringwood East, Victoria


Perhaps you might share some of Fred's diary that we could put up on AHOY.

Thanks for your contact.


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