Exeter and Graf Spee

Hi There,

Just stumbled on your web pages and would like to say that I certainly liked your pages on Exeter and Graf Spee. I was wondering, do you have the original copy of the photo on your Graf Spee page of Exeter men marching. Thats a beauty, and if you have the original would there be any chance of buying a digital (scanned) copy from you? Or who knows, as a collector of Exeter memorabilia/photos myself maybe I have something we could exchange?

Great pages!

Kevin Denlay


Thank you for your very kind words about AHOY and the Battle of the River Plate.

I do not have the original of the photo of the Exeter sailors marching in London, and am unsure at this time where I found it.

Have you seen this URL: http://www.grafspee.com/gallery.html and its photos?


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