Enquiry about the TSS Nestor

April 10, 2013

Hi Mac,

I came across your excellent website while researching the Nestor.

I am helping to prepare a small book based on letters a woman called Peggy Cannon wrote while on a voyage from Fremantle to Liverpoolon the Nestor in late 1942-early 1943.

Her daughter Tina is behind the book. Tina is just getting going on using the computers so I am writing on her behalf. We want to include a brief description of the Nestor and a picture in the book. We have pictures of Peggy Cannon with Tina on the ship. Tina was only one year old when they made the voyage.

I spotted this link on your website. Letters: TSS Nestor

Would be possible to send a copy of the image, or let me know where I may source it?  We would like to obtain permission to use it in the book. We would obviously credit your website or any source.

TSS Nestor, 1913

Thank you so much for your dedication and work in having posted these details. It is very helpful.

Kind regards,

Marian Edmunds


Thank you for your kind comment about AHOY.

This photo of TSS Nestor  came from the South Australian State Library:


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