Enid Louise Peach (born Tapscott) was the sister of Robert Tapscott, SS Anglo Saxon

March 15, 2009

Dear Sir,

I have  just been reading the article about the SS Anglo Saxon on the Internet. Believe me or not, my Grandmother Mrs Enid Louise Peach (born Tapscott) was the sister of Robert Tapscott. She told me about this event when I was a child, but at this time it didn´t mean anything to me. See "British Tramp Anglo Saxon sunk by German Raider Widder. The story of an amazing open boat journey of 70 days"

I am enclosing a few Scanned photographs of the originals, one or two you should recognise either from the book “Two Survived” or from your website.

I also read that a Mrs or Miss Diane Tapscott updated an article about her Father on your website and I would like to get in contact with her, have you an address ?

Yours Sincerely

Mr David Thomas



I am sorry but I do not still have Diane's email address.


There are some 800 names in my address book and from time to time these are culled, and Diane's was a casualty.


Best wishes,



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