Emmanuel Pickstock served in HMS Voltaire

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Dear Mac,

I have just discovered your web site whist searching for a picture of the ship on which my father served during the war.

I am delighted to find a page dedicated to the HMS Voltaire AMC. My father started his career on the SS Voltaire August, 1936 - May, 1937 as a scullion followed by voyages on the Deliub and Vandyck from July, 1937 until rejoining the Voltaire 6tth April, 1938 on which he served as an asst cook until April, 1941 when the Thor encountered and sank them. 

Like most of the men my father never really talked much about those day's but I remember him waking in the night having nightmares about time's spent in a P.O.W camp in Germany.  Having read your pages I find that one of the pictures titled Voltaire Prisoners - Norman Hayes front row 3rd from right also show's a picture which I believe to be my father Emmanuel Pickstock ( Manny ). Standing 2nd from the left second row.

Like so many of the other sailors my father spent many hours in the sea injured to what extent I don't know but he carried pieces of shrapnel in his body to the day of his death.

My father died in March, 1975  and it only now after all these years that I have found his Continuous Certificate of Discharge book which has enabled me to look into his past experiences and the trials and tribulations that these men faced.  Through your site I have been able to find a copy of the book Sailors in cages and await its

I do not possess many photographs of my father let alone ones which depict the times he spent during those years.

I have attached the few pictures that I do have as well as a scan from a page of his certificate of discharge book also an article published in the Evening Times Globe June 1944. This article contains a letter written by my father after he was repatriated.  I have no idea where this paper originated from as I only have a photocopy which was given
to me some years ago. 

Thank you and all those who have contributed to these pages. I hope you find the attachments of some interest.

Anthony Pickstock
Liverpool, England.


Emmanuel Pickstock served in HMS Voltaire


Emmanuel Pickstock served in HMS Voltaire

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