Eddie Laub, USS Missouri, made earrings from a United States Dime in homage to King Neptune

Dear Sir,

My name is Nancy Finan. I was wondering if you were in the Missouri when the surrender took place in 1945? If so, did you by any chance receive an earring made from a United States Dime? Please let me know. If so, it was my grandmother's uncle that made it and was wondering if you could send me a picture of it. His name was Eddie Laub and he made them for the men when they dipped themselves in the ocean paying homage to King Neptune for a safe journey out at sea. It was something that he made up and only the men he served with had them and I am hoping to find someone who knew of him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you soo much,
Nancy Finan


Sorry I am unable to help, at the time of the Japanese surrender I was a Lieutenant RAN serving in the Australian Heavy cruiser HMAS Shropshire. I was aboard USS Missouri at Ford Island Honolulu for the 60th. anniversary of the signing of the Japanese surrender.

An interesting idea by Eddie.


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