Duke of Edinburgh (front left) visits Royalty (Tahitian ladies) in 1870

Dear Mr. Gregory

Your wonderful website has a photo titled "The Duke of Edinburgh (front left) visits Royalty (Tahitian ladies) in 1870."

Is there any information on the others in the photo?

Thank you. 
Tom Lowry


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY.

The photo of the Duke of Edinburgh at Tahiti was taken by an unknown ptotographer.

It would seem its wrongly captioned on AHOY, I believe that the Duke is sitting on a chair, and that the lady on his left resting on his knee is Mlle Brander, and that is all I am able to unearth. 

The Duke of Edinburgh, front left, visits Royalty ( Tahitian ladies ) in 1870

Here is the note under that photo:

 #3051 Group of Tahitian women (royalty) with Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh & Saxe Coburg Gotha (1844-1900), and other European men. Carte-de-visite photograph, 1870 100 x 64 mm Photographer unknown HRH Prince Alfred (son of Queen Victoria of England) visited Tahiti in 1870. He is seated on a chair at centre. The woman resting on his knee is Mlle. Brander (Titana) (cf Chamonal, Early Inhabitants In Oceania, no. 72 reproduced back cover). Good condition but with small section of surface lifting, left hand edge, due to tiny puncture on reverse. 

Best regards, 

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