Duke of Edinburgh photo Tahiti circa 1870

Duke of Edinburgh photo Tahiti circa 1870

I noticed on your website the photo taken in Tahiti circa 1870 of the then Duke of Edinburgh. I have over the years seen a few other photos from that journey on the GALATEA and I (from my recall) am quite positive the person sitting cross legged at the far left is Lord Newry (Francis Charles Needham), I do not know who it is seated behind Newry but he would be one of the "inner circle" from the Galatea and by a process of elimination may be identifiable in the future. The two standing in the rear are the Duke's equerries Arthur Balfour Haig  and the Hon. Elliott Constantine Yorke. The young man seated cross-legged third from the right I have seen elsewhere identified as 'Mr Paget' and there was a "midshipman AW Paget" in crew lists (probably a blueblood too). I hope this is of interest. I would be very interested if anyone can confirm or deny my identification of these persons. I am very impressed with the wealth of information on your website.

The Duke of Edinburgh, front left, visits Royalty ( Tahitian ladies ) in 1870

Many regards
Doug Morrison
West Ryde NSW


Thank you for your mail, and your nice comments about the content on AHOY.

I rely on my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia who runs AHOY for me, and posts the results of my research and scribblings up on our site.

It is very much a joint effort, but theis site would not see the light day without Terry's great work.

Initially I had I believe the wrong place in the photo for the D of E, and at our URL: I tried to get it right, but that correction should be below the original piece, and I have asked Terry to do that, and also to add your very interesting remarks at the same place. 

Your interest is appreciated.

Best regards and wishes.

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