Douglas M. Masters served on the HMS Viidette as a french interpreter during WWII

July 31, 2009
Subject: HMS Vidette

I found some infomation on the internet about the HMS Vidette and specifically was trying to locate a list of the crew. My father, who is 83 years old, served on the HMS Vidette as a french
interpreter during WWII.

He's told me many stories that I'd like to get on tape and transcribe to submit to a website. Any chance that you would be able to help me locate a list or is there someway to find out if there are still living crew members...I think I emailed you a long time ago but never go a reply..would appreciate it!

Thank you, Fiona Saulness

My father is  Douglas M. Masters born December 1, 1925.

Thank you!


Firstly my apologies if I did not respond last time you wrote, thats not normal, and I really do not recall hearing from you earlier.

That said, I do not have any crew lists for HMS Vidette, nor can I find them, in the past there have been several such requests.

A photo of Vidette.

HMS Vidette, her Pennant Number was D-48.
HMS Vidette, her Pennant Number was D-48.

Best wishes,


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