John Bellaby


September 29, 2012

Hi Mac,

I have a story that I would like to get the real answers.

My husband's grandfather was in HMAS Canberra and he should not have been in it because he was 3 months short of being 16 Years old. He got out of the hold of the ship and was in the water for awhile but cannot remember how or who got him. His mum was told that he died and was given a payout. 3 months later some saw him and knew who he was.

When years down the track his wife and him tried to get the veterans pension they said he died but when I check a list he is not there.

So I am asking if you have any information on John Bellaby 17/5/1925  or if you know of any of this story or if you have any one else with the same story. If you need any more information please let me know he has passed away but his wife is still alive.

Thank you
Janice Buckingham


I have a complete list of all on board Canberra at the time we were sunk, and there is no John Bellaby listed at all.

This would indicate he was not on board at that time.

I have no knowledge of John, in the past I have been told that so and so was sunk in Canberra, but when I check my list this person was not serving in her when we were sunk.

Our crew were picked up by US destroyers Patterson and Blue, so there was no need for anyone to be in the water. I jumped from Canberra onto the deck of Blue

Sorry I am unable to be of further help.


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