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November 7, 2010


I have 2 DVD's each of which carry 1,000 warship images.

Here is an interesting one:

Re_ Destroyer History _ Port Moresby


On 8/11/2010 10:21 AM, bruce wrote:
> Tony--I am Ccing this to a couple of blokes in Oz to see
if they can
> help. Mac, by the way, is a veteran of the RAN, was on
Canberra when
> it was sunk in the Battle of Savo Island, and also has a
web site you
> might want to take a look at.
> Bruce M. Petty
>     From: Earle Welch 7 November, 2010
>     *Bruce --*
>     **
>     **
>     *Every now and then...a bulls eye.  But mostly -- no
cigars.  But
>     that's OK.  Still fun!*
>     **
>     *A question.  Years ago I was PCing around, and came
>     the Sydney's last fight.  There were a number of
site links, and
>     on one of them I came across a foto that made my
eyes bug out.  To
>     wit:*
>     **
>     **
>     *Picture a foto, taken from either a small boat or
from the nearby
>     shoreline.  Foto of a large bridge crossing a river.
 The bridge's
>     closest pier -- I believe of stone or concrete --
showed the bow
>     of a cruiser protruding from it, facing the
shoreline. It looks as
>     though the bow is literally growing right out of the
pier. I
>     believe the caption said it was from a subsequent
vessel named
>     after the original Sydney.  This startling image --
besides being
>     no small engineering feat -- has since lodged in my
mind, and
>     surfaced the other day.*
>     **
>     *When I went searching for it -- and I mean
searching! -- I had no
>     luck at all.  I tried all the bridges in 3 major
>     cities, plus bridges in NZ (not totally trusting my
memory), and
>     drew an absolute blank.*
>     **
>     *What endears me to the image -- aside from the fact
it makes the
>     viewer stare in amazement -- is that the Aussie's
think so highly
>     of their nautical sons as to leave evidence of their
heroics in
>     such unlikely -- and yet logical -- places.*
>     **
>     *Do you happen to know whereof I speak?  I'd sure
like to look at
>     that foto again.  And it would make a great addition
to your foto
>     files.*
>     **
>     *T. *
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010>     Tony--This is a great site, with great pics! I will
use some of
>     them in my PP. I just hope I don't get sued. As
always, thanks for
>     sending...
>     Bruce M. Petty

>         From: Tony Welch 7 November, 2010, 12:19 PM
>         There's a foto here of Australian Cemetery at
Port Moresby...
>         http://www.destroyerhistory.org/destroyers/portmoresby.html

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