David Alexander Ross, from Shandwick, Rosshire served on Voltaire

Hello Mac, I think the work you have put together on line is really tremendous and very informative.

My Grandfather died during the 2nd WW he was on the Voltaire. I am named after him, his name was David Alexander Ross, from Shandwick, Rosshire, I see he is listed on the roll of honour.

I am planning to go to Portsmouth to see his name on the war memorial there.

You mentioned there was a book written about the ship would you know if there is any mention of my grandfather? Any info you could advise gratefully received we still have some surviving relatives who would be very interested and I am planning to put together something for my children about him so they can understand what these men gave on our behalf.

Thanks again and keep up the great work you do.

Kind regards
David Alexander Ross


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY, a joint effort with my web master in Atlanta Georgia, where Terry Kearns turns what I research and write about into the presentable site that you have found on the net.

The book about Voltaire and the time in POW camp is called Sailors in Cages, by Roger V. Coward, it runs to 237 pages and was published by Macdonald and Company, London in 1967.

It unfortunately does not carry an Index, so when I have a request such as yours, and there have been perhaps six, I need to scan each page seeking a particular name. I am happy to do that, but it may take me some time before I finish the book, and I am able to say yes, or no, to your question. 

I will be in touch with you again.

Best wishes,

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