Convoyweb To Mac Gregory

December 15, 2008

Hi Mac

I have been looking at your website, what an excellent and informative site you have. I could spend hours just reading all the information you have on there. Keep up the good work.

Tony Cooper

Maritime Researcher for www.convoyweb.org.uk
with www.uboatarchive.net 

Part-Time Researcher for www.warsailors.com 


Thank you for your encouraging words.

AHOY does try to be both factual, ( I sometimes prove I am vulnerable ) and interesting.

I really enjoy my contacts around the world, and the challenge to find some data that may be difficult to ferret out to answer a query that comes my way. But I must acknowledge the other and more important half of the equation that keeps our site up there, and that is my skilled web master Terry Kearns who operates out of Atlanta Georgia, without his constant dedication AHOY would not exist.

I am grateful to you for taking the time to write, and both Terry and I wish you a lovely Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2009. 


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