Convoy HX 126

January 14, 2010

It's been a while since we've been in touch, I hope you're well and happy.

Today, I happened upon a page on your site where you say: I used the reports of HX126 from a Norwegian site about Convoys and the Battle of the Atlantic http://www.warsailors.com/. It is run by a lady Siri Lawson living in the US, her Dad was a Norwegian sailor in WW2, in general Siri runs a wonderful site that is a great reference facility, we  correspond from time to time, and she has links to AHOY on this site. But, although she carries just about all the Atlantic Convoy steaming formations and names the ships, there is no such information for HX126, nor can I track one down anywhere. The page in question is here
Cyril Hill in British ship Harperly sunk from Convoy ONS 5

I know the messages on that page are probably fairly old now, and I don't know if Cyril is still alive, but I just wanted to mention that I do indeed have the information for Convoy HX 126, you'll find it here


There's also some details on ONS 5, mentioned on your page 


Siri Lawson

Convoy HX 126Siri,

How nice  to hear from you, yes I am fine thank you, although I had surgery on my left shoulder just proir to Christmas.

The rehabilitation is going well.

You are of course quite right about the cruising order for convoy HX 126, its now 5 years ago since I said I could
not find it, one of my occasional lapses then, for which I apologise. Cyril was at that time 89, and may not still be with us, but I will try his son Steve.

I will ask my web master Terry Kearns to remove that statement on AHOY.

I will be 88 in February next, the time just skates along.

Only a few days ago I was telling my wife Denise what a great site you run, and that I had not heard from you for
some time, and  here you are, a coincidence.

Tke care of yourself, my very best wishes and regards,


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