Convoy Documentary series on DVD

February 04, 2010

Hi Mac! 

I hope this email finds you well. We have the series on DVD now in the office. It would be a pleasure to send you a copy, considering your great help. Could you send me your address again? 

Frank T. Gairdner
Production Coordinator / Research
Cream Productions
Toronto, ON.


Thank you, I am fine.

I look forward to viewing your work.


Hi Mac,

I will send out the discs tomorrow, Feb 5. The show did really well with 1.6 million viewers in the UK and 350,000 in Canada. It has yet to play in the states.

I will let you know if there is a tracking number for the package.


Feb 15, 2010


Your Convoy discs have arrived safely thank you.

When I have viewed them I will write again.

We are having it quite hot in Melbourne, but then February is usually our hottest month of the year.

Best regards.

February 17, 2010

Thanks Mac!

If you watch them all in a row it can get a little tiresome. Due to budgetary concerns a lot of footage had to be repeated - both stox and recreations. So, just a warning is all. The information is still great!

I look forward to hearing your take on it.



Have viewed the 4 discs and thoroughly enjoyed them, they certainly took me back to 1940- and part of 1941 in the North Atlantic, Scapa Flow and the Home Fleet, a visit by Vera Lynn there to perform for thousands of Sailors.

Up to Bear Island well into the Arctic Circle. my first visit to London ill timed as I choose the day when the Battle of Britain was in full cry and I spent most of the day and night in a London Tube station. Four of us had saved up our 5 shillings a day pay to visit the Savoy Hotel for dinner, the Major Domo hearing our Australian accents was rude enough to ask if we had money, one of my fellow Midshipmen was about 6 foot two, he grabbed him by his shirt front and muttered Why don't you get stuffed?

We went off to Dakar in the debacle there with General Charles de Gaulle, to be twice hit by Vichy fort's shells, and have our Walrus Aircraft shot down by a French manned Curtiss fighter, and all of her three crew killed.

Off to Liverpool to be dry docked and repaired only to be badly bombed over three nasty nights, in fact a 4,000 pound land mine fell into the dock but did not explode, only found after we flooded up, took us out, replaced with another cruiser, pumped out the dock to find this land mine still ticking away.

We picked up nine of a 13 man Sunderland Crew down in the Atlantic after running out of fuel in a raging Atlantic storm.

Took my Sub Lieutenant's courses and did the Torpedo Course at the Rodean Girls School at Brighton, Portsmouth having been evacuated through intense nightly bombing.

We were staying in  a hotel on the seafront, to have several stories knocked off in an air raid, all of us
safely in a shelter.

The 6th Form girls were still in  residence when the Navy moved in, our Captain suggested to the female principle she remove her girls, she responded by tapping her head and saying " All my girls have got it up here. Madam, the Captain responded " It does not matter where your girls may have it, I guarantee my Sailors will find it."

In the class rooms were still notices " Should you need a mistress during the night, please ring," and we rang
mightily all to no avail.

We sometimes manned the trenches at night on the coast as the German invasion was feared.

Momentous times indeed, so thanks for the memories, Frank!!

My greatful thanks indeed. I trust it does great business when it screens in the USA.

Best regards,


February 16, 2010  To:Rex F Williams


The Documentary Producers Cream Productions In Toronto Canada have just sent me 4 DVD's to cover their production CONVOY which attracted a UK audience of 1.6 million. and 350,000 in Canada, it is yet to screen in the US.

The discs had this note which is rather nice:

Dear Mac,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. I feel as though it will find you in hotter weather than we have in
Ontanio, Canada right now.

I would like to thank you on behalf of Cream Productions for all your help and patience with my questions.

You aided us in finding some of the best veterans of our show! We greatly appreciate your effort and your website.

Please let us know what you think of the show.

Frank Gardiner and Cream Productions.

Disc 1 was great, they could show to the NHS.over an
extended  time period.


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