Congratulation on Shrine of Remembrance Medal and Diving on Thustlegorm

November 26, 2010


It's been some time since the Janney family of Atlanta had our wonderful visit with you in Melbourne, but we continue to enjoy memories of meeting you and knowing some of your amazing personal and professional history.

Our son Taylor's recent exploits at the Thistlegorm (we trust he made the dive safely and will ultimately tell us about it from a first-hand experience) put our worlds and your command of naval history together once again. We love that our connection to you through our friend Terry Kearns is still in place.

Recently our family visited Taylor when he was teaching English in Izmir, Turkey, and we were given a greater appreciation of WW I wartime sacrifices when we made our way to Canakkale and learned about the carnage at Gallipoli and the significance of Anzac Day. We were on the Gallipoli battlements around April 25, as a matter
of fact.

Congratulations on your receipt of the Shrine of Remembrance Medal. You must be very proud of holding such a firm and knowledgeable grasp of your country's naval history. And the September 11 schedule change continues to intrigue.

All the best to you and yours,
Syd Janney


How lovely to hear from you and thank you for your personal comments on my Shrine Medal award, a singular honour.

A visit to Turkey and the tradition of Anzac is indeed a humbling experience, Denise and I were there for Anzac Day in 1998, all so memorable. At about 4.30 AM we scrambled up the hillside above Anzac Cove, fell into old shell holes, grabbed at gorse bushes to retain our feet, then sat to watch the sunrise over that scene.

We were  unemcumbered by a rifle plus a heavy pack but still found it all exhausting. Hard to imagine the struggle on April 25 back in 1915, no wonder that actual defeat has found its place in Australian Military History.

Our relationship with Terry and his nursing my AHOY web site continues to prosper, as he no doubt played a vital role in my award of the hrine Medal for 2010.

All the best to your family for the festive season and 2011.

Look after yourselves.

Kindest regards,
Denise and Mac.


See this http://www.mysterra.org/webmag/thistlegorm-wreck.html for some detail on the wreck of Thistlegorm.

Great yu had a nice thanksgiving day.

Best from OZ.


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