Commemoration medal of the H.M.S. Galatea visit to Australia in 1867

May 29, 2009

Recovered an commemoration medal of the H.M.S. Galatea visit to Australia in 1867, wondering is it of any value, requires attention found in sewer in Port Melbourne, a bit battered, face of medal showing frigate is in reasonable condition, back needs cleaning.

Regards Neil Maclean

I suggest you clean it up as well as you can and take it to a medal supplier to gauge what interest there may be.

You will find some names in the Yellow pages. 

You might also take a photo, put it up on Ebay, place a price on it that would satisify you and see what happens.

Could you please photo both sides and scan them to me? We will put the pictures up on Ahoy, which may bring some interest.


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