Climbing Croagh Patrick

March 24, 2009

Subject: Croagh Patrick

Ahoy! Enjoyed your article I spent ten weeks in Ireland 18 months ago...love the place. My ancestors amongs Scots and German were Irish. I am back there again this May for 8 weeks! I am staying for a few days in westport so have every intention of climbing "The Beast" meself!

Cheer! Great Picts and good article...The atlantic is "silvery blue" isnt it!

Slan Owen


Thank you for your kind words about my piece on Croagh Patrick ("I climb Croagh Patrick in Ireland on Wednesday the 23rd of June 1993"), I enjoyed the experience at the time.

Make sure you wear a stout pair of boots with some ankle support, and rubber soles would be much better to grip the loose shale than leather.

Go forth and conquer!!

Best wishes,

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