Chief Petty Officer Mc Neir in Voltaire?

My husband and I were invited to dinner yesterday by my mother in law whose father was killed on the Voltaire
We were talking of him and she mentioned the book sailors in cages - would you be so kind, if you are able, to see if there is any reference to her dad who I understand was Chief Petty Officer? Mc Neir, in the book?
I very much appreciate your assistance
Sally Young

Hello Sally,
Unfortunately Sailors in Cages does not have an index, but I have been through its 237 pages, but alas no mention of a Chief Petty Officer
McNeir, three CPO's do get a mention, but none are your MIL's Dad.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.


The entry on the CWCC for CPO McNeir.


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