Charles Leslie Gough, one of the crew of a flying boat rescued by HMAS Australia

January 29, 2011


This E-mail is self evident. Would you please care to respond directly to Hugh?

I never give out my correspondents without an OK.

Dear Mr Gregory,

I am the archivist of a small school whose 90th anniversary occurs this year. Without much hope, I decided to Google the first boys to come to the school, on the off chance that some of their subsequent histories,
unknown to us, might have ended up on the internet.

Imagine my surprise when Number 1, Charles Leslie Gough, immediately popped up as one of the crew of a flying boat rescued by HMAS Australia during the Second World War, described in detail on your site. I notice especially, however, that Charles's son Toby wrote to you in connection with his father. I know he must be the same man as, apart from the age, he was born in the same Worcestershire town that the school was founded in.

I would be very grateful if you could either pass on to me Toby Gough's address (email or post) so that I can contact him, or if you would be so good as to pass my letter on to him if you think that more appropriate.

The reason is that Number 2 on the school list is George Philip Gough, and Number 6 is Geoffrey John Gough, who were all his uncles.

Many thanks for your help,
Yours sincerely,
Hugh Farey

St Richard's School

January 31, 2011

Dear Mac,

It seems that your website is once again helping me to get to know a bit more about my late father with minimum effort on my part! Thank  you for passing that on. I have written to the schools administrator to get in touch with Hugh Farey (couldn't see his email address) and will be happy to help him in any way I can.

It looks like you're keeping busy with your ever-expanding website and  research. Long may it continue!

I hope you are keeping well,

Best wishes,


Glad to be of some service, and nice to hear from you again.

Keep well, all the best from OZ.


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