Chaddy "Downyflake Doughnut shop at Chadstone"

October 16, 2012


I just did a search on the web by typing "and not upon the hole". That's all I could remember.

I found your page with exactly what I was looking for:

As you wander on through life, brother,
Whatever be your goal,
Keep your eye upon the donut,
And not upon the hole.

The reason I went looking for this is because as a young teenager I saw it on the wall of the Downyflake Doughnut shop at Chadstone. I also used to gaze at that shiny doughnut machine in the window. What
wonderful memories your page brought back, such as:

The day Chadstone opened. Riding my bike between Frank Thring, Horrie Dargie  Burt & Pattie. Seeing Graham Kennedy, Ken Sparks (where no wrinklies fly) and ogling Panda...what a day!

After Chadstone opened we used to ride our bikes there on Sunday's when everything was shut. We could ride down the escalators, climb on the roof and wave at the girls on the other side of the Convent wall etc. When we got sick of that it was off down Castlebar Road to the Oakleigh Pool. Years later I worked at the Oakleigh Pool as a life guard.

Well enough reminiscing, thanks for the trigger setting them off.


Peter Murdoch
(Formerly of South Oakleigh)
Las Vegas

P.S. I see you are interested in maritime history. My father is Captain Jim Murdoch. He is the only Australian who held an ocean going international masters ticked who captained cargo ships (E&A), passenger ships (P&O), container ships (AJCL), sailed a ship as captain for delivery to the Asian scrap yards and took delivery as captain of a brand new ship (container ship Arafura III) from the Japanese builder (Mitsubishi) for the owners AJCL.


I am pleased that I rang a distant bell for you  I too can well remember the doughnut machine spewing out a steady stream of fresh doughnuts, and the verse on the shiny tiles.

It is a great pity that the doughnut shop is no more.

It all now seems to be an age away. Oh! To be young again.

Nice to hear from you.

All the best to you in Las Vegas, a far cry from Chadstone.


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