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March 29, 2011

Hello Mac Gregory,

My name is Emma and I'm working for TV production company WTFN. We are putting together a documentary called 'Tony Robinson Explores Australia' for The History Channel.

I'm just making an enquiry to where an image of the Cataraqui emigrant ship that appears on your website The Shipwrecks of King Island in Bass Strait comes from? We are interested in including this image in our documentary but need a high resolution picture of it and copyright approval.

If you could assist me in any way, or point me in the right direction, it would me much appreciated.

You can contact me via email or ...



CataraquiI regret I am unable to turn up the origin of the Cataraqui picture.

When I go to Google and put the ship in it credits the hoto to my AHOY site.

So sorry I am unable to help.


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