Captain W.P.Boylan, master of SS Yorktown, Convoy RB1

Hello Mac,

I've been looking at your site with great interest. My late father was Captain W.P.Boylan, master of  SS Yorktown. I am particularly interested in Shelagh's information about her father Mr Papworth,Chief Officer of the Yorktown. I'd be obliged if you could pass my email address to her. I have some material in which I'm sure she would be interested.

Best Wishes,

I regret I do not still have Shelagh's E-Mail address so am unable to passyours on to her.
We will add your letter to Ahoy, with a note that if Shelagh does see it will she please contact me again.
If you are happy with your material going into the public domain we could add it also to Ahoy, and again hoping that Shelagh might visit us and view it.
I await your response.
I am sorry not to be able to assist you.

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