Captain James Cook's speech on his arrival at Kurnell 1770 Botany Bay?

August 01, 2010

Subject: Captain James Cook

Dear Mac

You have a very interesting site, down side is that I spend hours poring through the history that gets me into trouble with The Minister of War who must be obeyed.

Please if you could help me to a shortcut to the original speech of Captain James Cook on his arrival at Kurnell 1770 Botany Bay.

Thank you in anticipation

Kind Regards
Gerard J Donohue


My thanks for your kind words about AHOY, it is such a response that makes it all so worthwhile to both myself and Terry Kearns, my Web Master in Atlanta Georgia.

He turns my  research and writing to what appears on AHOY for anyone on the net who chances to log on, and seek a subject that may interest them.

But please do be careful of the Minister of War, in my long experience, one flaunts such an authority at your peril!

I must say I am unable to turn up any speech recorded that Cook may have made on his arrival at Kurnell ( Botany Bay ) on April 29, 1770.

I have Hough's biography of Cook,  no mention of any speech, a copy of his Journal on a CD.

Wikipedia's report of the first  landing, nothing. 

Sorry I could not help.


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