Captain George Gibb Captain of the Clipper ship Loch Ard

March 11, 2010

Subject: Loch Ard

I have recently become interested in the Loch Ard since I found a book and realised that the Captain of the Clipper ship was a Captain George Gibb, a distant second cousin twice removed from myself, I am interested in my family history which has Scottish roots in Tulliallan/Kincardine with one William Gibb who married 1784 and who was my Great by 3 Grandfather. I am now only recently becoming aware of how much is known about the Loch Ard and wonder if any other relatives of Captain Gibb have been in touch as I would be interested to find out more.

Janet Kirwan


No I have not been in contact wiyh any relative of Captain Gibb, but Richard Townshend in the US is a relative of Eva, one of the two survivors, and we are in contact now and then.

See this URL: "Wreck of Loch Ard" a poem by Graeme McIntosh for a poem written about the loss of Loch Ard.

I take it you have seen my piece about the ship on my AHOY site, "Clipper Ship Loch Ard"

Best regards.


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