Capt. R B Hesketh, MC was involved in the capture of Admiral Doenitz and maybe his Mercedes

April 1, 2011

Hello there,

My name is Oliver Dempsey. My grandfather, Capt. R B Hesketh, MC was involved in the capture of Admiral Doenitz. Whilst alive my grandfather spoke little of his war, but there were a few stories that slipped out and were glossed over before he died.

One of these was when i was young and involved the Admirals arrest. My grandfather gave me a set of keys to a Mercedes in a red leather keyring and showed me a photograph of the car they belonged to. The photo was of a photo in a glass case with the imperial flags taken from the car flanking the photo.

I was told these were the keys to Doenitz's car.

I have no way of verifying this and your are my starting point in this pursuit. Any information you might have would be very much appreciated.

Oliver Dempsey


What a fascinating story, I have not been able to turn up details of the Admiral's Mercedes Car at the time of his capture, but he certainly had such a car in Flensburg.

Do you still have those keys if so, could you perhaps photograph them and send me a copy so we might add the photo and the story to AHOY?

Best Regards,

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