Capt. Albert Terrance Mastin and MV Devon Coast

May 24, 2010

 Subject: MV Devon Coast

Dear Mac and Terry,

My husband was just doing a little brousing regarding Devon Coast and Bari. I would be very pleased to
exchange any information I can give you with any information that you might be able to give me.

I am the youngest daughter of Capt. Albert Terrance Mastin. My father was a very private man and due to my
age, I was born in 1945, never really spoke about his experiences during the war. I am never the less very
proud of him, and would like any information that you may be able to pass on to me. I can, maybe, help you
with details of his life after the war?

Yours very sincerely
Kathy Gilbert (nee Mastin)


Some detail on MV Devon Coast

Devon Coast MV was a British Motor Coaster of 646 tons
built in 1936 by Ardrossan Dockyard, Yard No 362 for the
Coast Lines Ltd. She was powered by a oil engine 4S CSA
6cylinder, machinery aft giving 224nhp. Engines by J G
Kincaid & Co Ltd, Greenock. On the 2nd December 1943 she
was destroyed in a fire following raid on Bari Italy. Her
cargo was cased gasoline. Wreck was raised after the war
(1948?) and broken up.

MV Devon Coast.


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