Camperdown and Victoria Collision

January 12, 2013

Hi Mac,

I saw your web blog about HMS Camperdown and HMS Victoria and thought you might have more information about the other ships that were part of the fleet.  My Gt Grandfather Jesse James Colenutt b1875 was said to be on one of the other ships at the time of the accident, but I cannot find anywhere the other ships names. 

Can you point me in the direction of where I would find this information, or do you by any chance have any
knowledge of them.

Thank you in anticipation

Chris Stephens


The fleet were in two columns.

LH Column:                                                
Sans Pareil

RH Column:


Hope this helps you.



Hi Mac,

Thank you for that. I have been searching for this information and had not seen this information from wikipedia before.

My gt Grandfather who was b1876 and was serving on HMS Hood from 1 Jun 1893 until 25 Dec 1894 and searching for her I found that she was serving in the Mediterranean at this time.

At his funeral it was mentioned that he was connected to the Camperdown and Victoria incident, but looking on what you have sent me, there is no mention of the Hood at this time. It was a long shot, maybe they were elsewhere and had to help with something themselves.

Thank you once again for your help.

Regards Chris Stephens

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