C. Miller Fisher, the doctor on board the Voltaire. He spent more than 3 years at Marlag und Milag nord

August 29, 2009

Hello. Last night I googled Marlag und Milag nord. I was delighted to find your website and e-mail address.  My father was the doctor on board the Voltaire. He spent more than 3 years at Marlag und Milag nord. Last night he was trying to think of the name of a young British prisoner of war who later because an admiral engineer in the royal navy. Do you know? Do you know who would know? Finding all the references at Google has kindled a great interest in my father to know more because he never dreamed that there would be information available. For many years he followed the Brits through the reunions in London. I hope to hear from you. I will read your responses to him.

Best wishes,
Elizabeth Fisher


Here is your Father listed on my Voltaire Roll of Honour.

10.     Fisher, C.M        T/Acting Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander, RCNVR

I regret I am unable to find a young British POW from Marlag und Milag nord who went on to become an RN Engineer Rear Admiral, nor am I able to suggest where you might seek that information.

I have exhausted all the possible sites where I thought I may have found such details.


But I am pleased you have found a lot of interesting details.

In my long experience in seeking specific info, it pays off to keep trying, perserverence does pay off, after two years of searching, on one occasion I finally unearthed what I was chasing. 

So keep at it.

Best wishes to both you and your Father.


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