Bruce Petty author of "At War in the Pacific" and LCI(G)440

April 14, 2009


Small world. I seen your picture with Bruce Perry. About ten years ago I was corresponding with Bruce on a book he was writing  about the war in the south pacific. Gave him all the info I had about the LCI(G)440. He did write me to tell me that the article didn’t get in the book. I had some of it put on the web page of the USS LCI National Organizational  under stories.

Dom Maurone


It was Bruce Petty ( not Perry ) who called in on me, he was on his way to settle in NZ.

I guess it was his book on Saipan you had given him details of LCI's.

I did a chapter in his book At War in the Pacific.

Mac's Library December 2003 with Bruce

Mac in Mac's Library, December 2003 with Bruce Petty
(picture taken by Peter Flahavin)


Today I had a visit Peter Flahavin and Bruce Petty researchers and authors on Guadalcanal and Saipan

"At War in the Pacific" has been reviewed


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