British Destroyer at Tossa de Mar in 1936 during Spanish Civil War?

February 04, 2010

Spanish Civil War


I'm a Spanish journalist, and I'm working in my Phd about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). In july or august of 1936, a destroyer of the Royal Navy was in Tossa de Mar, a small town in the Costa Brava, in the north of Barcelona.

This ship collected all the foreign people because of the war and they went to exile. I don't know which destroyer was, but it's possible that was Gipsy war ship. Do you know where the Gipsy destroyer was in july-august 1936? Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot

Marta Planellas


HMS Hunter did not commission until September 20 1936, so it could not be her, in 1937 she hit a Spanish laid mine.

I cannot find any evidence that HMS Gypsy was involved, by chance she also hit a mine ( a German one ) in 1939, to
sink off Harwich.

I am not able to unearth any detail of a British Destroyer being at Tossa de Mar in 1936.


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