Book launch May 15, 2010

May 16, 2010


We had the book launch yesterday at a country property with a National Trust House at Tallarook,  a small country town about 80 Kilometers north east of Melbourne.

A lovely setting about 60 people, say 30 couples, with my family making up 3 couples, so from a possisble sale of 27 books we managed 21, so that was a good result.

A glorious autumn day, so lucky, as it was an all outdoors affair with a buffet lunch.

Raymond took this photo of me signing a book for an attendee.

Saw my surgeon this morning, he is going to operate a second time at 6.45 AM on Friday June 18, so a repeat of all the agony of a sling for several weeks and the eternal physio treatments post operative.

When quizzed he gave me a probability of improvement of about 70 %, so I guess I have t o go ahead , which I have done.

Hope all is well in your town.

Best wishes,

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